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I accidentally parked in the wrong garage. Can you blame me?  (at Ridgemark Golf & Country Club)

I accidentally parked in the wrong garage. Can you blame me? (at Ridgemark Golf & Country Club)

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Cockroach Day

Mexican Farmworker With child circa 1960

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Our apartment was sprayed for cockroaches today. My girlfriend and I stayed up late last night, pulling dry food, utensils, appliances, paper products, and AS SEEN ON TV kitchen gadgets from every dark corner of our kitchen cupboards. I even had to move the microwave, which serves as a kind of medicine cabinet, covered with plastic pill holders, CVS prescriptions bottles, and green…

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BEAUTIFUL! Now these are sailors I can care about. 


Odera Redesigns the Cast of Sailor Moon~!

Prints & Phone cases available here~!(


*insert thumping 808 and moody neosoul synth*

"We are the Sailor Scouts, champions of Love & Justice.

On behalf of the Moon & intersectionality, we will not stand for your misogynoir. 

And in the name of the Moon, we shall dismantle your patriarchy (also known as punish you)~!”

*cue Sailor Moon 2014 Theme by Destiny’s Child, Janelle Monae, Solange, Erykah Badu, Santigold, Azealia Banks, and FKA Twigs. Featuring a sample of Luther Vandross’ “Never Too Much” and Ghost Town DJs’ “My Boo”

*sung to the beat of My Boo*~~At moonlight I think of you/I’ll be your Sailor Scout my baby/If your starseeds gone, give me a call boo/I’ll transform for you, because I am Sailor Moon~!*


I’ve been working on redesigning the cast of Sailor Moon on and off since last year (in August I believe?). Sailor Moon is possibly definitely the most inspiring show/comic/media from my childhood (sorry X-men and Final Fantasy). For a little ol’ qpoc child, it taught me lessons about love, hope, sisterhood, and the power of queerness. It planted and nurtured the seeds of feminism and intersectionality and all that good-good inside of me. But throughout all those years I never once created fanart.

I remember seeing stills from Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Tour and thought, Wow. She looks like a superhero or Sailor Scout. And something just clicked, and I knew I wanted to tackle on some SM fanart. So I thought to myself, if I had full reign and creative control what would my version of Sailor Moon look like?  And the answer?  A cast of diverse magical girls/ladies/womyn from the afrodiaspora who capture the spirit of the original senshi but with my own spin/perspective/fantasy.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do~! Feel free to share, comment, reblog, etc. If you are a fan of these images be sure to follow me for new exciting projects! (I’m all Sailor Moon’d out, at least until Crystal comes out…but I’m always sneaking magical girl realness into my work) And don’t forget to buy prints or phone cases if that’s your fancy (I also can make tote bags and mugs and other strange things on society6 if there is a demand. So hit me up until my HP hits critical status if that interests you~!!)

Peace and love and all that is transformative, 



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Why do you care about what I eat?

One of my dearest friends on the entire planet, Jake, wrote this piece about accessibility and the new gluten free articles, fodmaps, and mostly, about compassion and ableism. 


Because I don’t give a shit about what you eat.

Actually, that’s not true. If you come to my house, or we go out to eat together, or we need to pack food in the car, then it’s likely that I’ll ask you if you have any dietary restrictions. Vegan? Great! No cheese or meat for you, how about…

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