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Los Angeles Transgender Film Festival In Search Of College Intern

Call for Intern

The Los Angeles Transgender Film Festival is in search of a college student to help organize our fifth annual festival and 2013 college tour. Our intern will learn production skills, network with filmmakers, and participate in programming, promotions, event production, and data management. The intern will work approximately 5 hour per week for one or more school semesters, with oversight and leadership development from film festival organizers. You do not need to live in Los Angeles, as most work is done online.

 Duties and Responsibilities for LA Transgender Film Fest Intern:

1.     Help organize our annual tour to LGBT centers at Colleges and Universities throughout the country, including managing bookings, contracts, and filmmaker communications.

 2.     Maintain and promote the Facebook page and events pages.

 3.     Maintain and grow the film festival’s social media presence.

 4.     Help coordinate videography and photography for all film festival events.

 5.     Participate on the programing committee to help select films for the festival.

 6.     Other tasks as applicable to the needs of the festival and the intern’s particular skills, talents, and interests.

About the Los Angeles Transgender Film Festival

Currently celebrating our fifth year, The Los Angeles Transgender Film Festival provides a forum for films by and about the trans* and genderqueer community in Southern California and beyond with our annual three-day festival and screening tour to high schools, colleges, and community organizations. We provide a forum for trans people of all backgrounds to tell their stories through film, nurturing the development of transgender filmmakers with our workshops, panel discussions, and recognition of trans media leaders. We empower audience members through screening eclectic films that represent the diversity of trans and genderqueer lives.

 To apply, email your cover letter and resume to Ofelia

Ofelia@tgfilmfest.orgApplications are accepted on a rolling basis.

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